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The Search-Education.com Network consists of various specialized search-sites, that only list schools within one subject area and lists these schools according to location and majors offered with the option (for the American or Canadian student) to order free brochures and catalogs. The Search-Education.com Network is currently one of the most comprehensive college/university site-listings available. The specialized sub-sites take into account that most of the US and Canadian students look for educational options regionally or/and in terms of available specializations/majors. Therefore, the concept of the whole Search-Education.com Network serves as an ideal recruiting tool for schools and colleges in the USA and Canada wishing to recruit domestic students through the internet.

The following sites currently belong to our Search Education Network:

Accounting Schools
Acting Schools
Acupuncture Schools
Advertising Schools
Aeronautic Schools
Agriculture Schools
Anatomy Schools
Anesthesia Schools
Animation Schools
Architecture Schools
Art Schools
Astronomy Schools
Automotive Schools
Aviation Schools
Beauty Schools
Bible Schools
Biology Schools
Business Schools
CAD Schools
Chemistry Schools
Christian Schools
Cisco Schools
CompTIA Schools
Cooking Schools
Computer Schools
Construction Schools
Cosmetology Schools
Criminaljustice Schools
Culinary Schools
Dance Schools
Dental Schools
Dentistry Schools
Dermatology Schools
Design Schools
Drafting Schools
Driving Schools
Ecology Schools
Economics Schools
E-Commerce Schools
Education Schools
Engineering Schools
Environmental Schools
ESL Schools
Fashion Schools
Film Schools
Finance Schools
Flight Schools
Genetics Schools
Graphic Design Schools
Healthcare Schools
Hotel Schools
HVAC Schools
Industrial Design Schools
Interior Design Schools
Journalism Schools
Landscaping Schools
Language Schools
Law Schools
Leadership Schools
Management Schools
Marketing Schools
Massage Schools
Math Schools
MBA Schools
Media Schools
Medical Billing Schools
Medical Schools
Microsoft Schools
Midwifery Schools
Military Schools
Multimedia Schools
Music Schools
Network Administration Schools
Nursing Schools
Oceanography Schools
Optometry Schools
Paralegal Schools
Performingarts Schools
Pharmacy Schools
Philosophy Schools
Photography Schools
Political Science Schools
Programming Schools
Projectmanagement Schools
Psychology Schools
Public Administration Schools
Recreation Schools
Sociology Schools
Software Schools
Teaching Schools
Technology Schools
TEFL Schools
Theology Schools
Therapy Schools
Tourism Schools
Truck Driving Schools
Veterinary Schools
Webdesign Schools
Womens Studies Schools

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